A Will is a way of ensuring that when you die everything you own passes to the person(s) or charities of your choice. If you do not make a Will, or your Will is not valid for some reason, there are legal rules that automatically determine who receives your estate; these may may not reflect your wishes, particularly if your affairs are complex or unusual.

We can take you through the will-making process step by step.  This enables us to ensure that your estate is distributed exactly as you would wish and that your Will is valid and clear, both to you and those who will read it after your death.  We can also advise on:

- tax planning – in order to minimise liability to Inheritance Tax

- making provision for ‘second’ families and co-habitees

- protecting the family home in event of care home fees being an issue

A little preparation is always helpful when thinking about making a Will so you might find our downloadable Wills form a useful tool (see: Useful Forms tab).  If you would like to discuss your Will with us, please contact either Michael or Harriet Thorneloe.